LSD Drug Test Strips

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LSD Drug Test Strips

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Cutoff Level: 20 ng/ml
Detection Time: 1 to 5 days after intake

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Video Instructions_ Drug Testing strips


  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Results in 5 minutes.
  • For home or office.
  • Same Day Shipping Mon-Fri.
  • Bulk Discounts Available.
  • Affordable LSD testing.
  • Cutoff Level: 20 ng/ml
  • Detection Time: 1-5 days post intake
  • Forensic Use Only.


  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Results in 5 minutes.
  • For home or office.
  • Same Day Shipping Mon-Fri.
  • Bulk Discounts Available.
  • Affordable LSD testing.
  • Cutoff Level: 20 ng/ml
  • Detection Time: 1-5 days post intake
  • Forensic Use Only.

Testing Instructions

OVUSMEDICAL.COM drug test strips

1. Remove the test strip from the unopened pouch and use it promptly to get the best and most accurate results. Ideally, the test should be conducted within one hour after removing the test strip from the package.
2. Carefully hold the test strip by the end where you can see the product name. Please don’t touch the strip membrane with your bare hands to avoid contamination.
3. Dip the test strip upright in the cup containing the urine specimen for a minimum of 10–15 seconds. Do not dip the strip past the entire line (MAX) on the test strip.
4. As you immerse the strip in the urine specimen, the test will begin to process, and color will appear across the membrane.
5. After the test strip has finished processing, take it out of the urine specimen cup and place it on a non-absorbent flat surface. Start the timer and wait for the colored band(s) to appear. Within 3 minutes, you will be able to read the result. Refrain from attempting to interpret the outcome after 10 minutes.


Remove the urine drug test cup from the sealed pouch as soon as possible and use it.

Verify the temperature of the specimen after 2-4 minutes by examining where the green dot emerges. On the relevant temperature line, a green dot will emerge.

When you’re ready to understand the results, remove the label. The results of the tests should be read within 5 minutes. After 8 minutes, do not interpret the result.

How To Interpret Test Strip Results:

Positive2 POSITIVE 1
Only one colored band appears in the control region ©.
No apparent colored band appears in the test region (T)


Negative2 NEGATIVE 1
Two colored bands appear on the membrane.
One band appears in the control regions (©) and another in the test region (T).


Invalid2 INVALID 1
Any result without a control band at the specified read time must be disregarded.
Retest the procedure. If the problem persists, discontinue using the kit and contact your local distributor.



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Instruction Videos

Video Instructions_ Drug Testing Strips product page strips





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Forensic Use

What is Forensic use only?

Forensic Use Only devices are meant to be sold for research purposes only. The FDA does not regulate these devices, and they are solely to be used as screening instruments. Please send the device to a laboratory for confirmation if more information is needed about the results of a forensic use only drug test.

Courts, police departments, probation/parole offices, juvenile detention centers, prisons, jails, correction centers, and other law enforcement organizations, as well as laboratories or other establishments that provide forensic testing for these institutions, are all eligible users.

Forensic Applications Only gadgets are not designed, tested, manufactured, or labeled for use in other settings such as clinical diagnostics or the workplace.

What does it mean when something says “For Forensic Use Only”?

This indicates that the drug testing gadget has not received FDA 510k approval. This type of drug test should not be used for job screening, pain management screening, or any other reason. These tests are only used in law enforcement, prisons, the military, and other government institutions to test for drugs.

What products are included in this category?

Some saliva/oral drug detection products are only meant to be used in forensic situations. Furthermore, some specialty tests (such as our K2/Spice drug test) are designed exclusively for forensic use. This category could possibly include other screening equipment. Any forensic-only equipment on our site will be explicitly stated on the product page.


En español

¿Necesita un método preciso y rentable para detectar sustancias ilícitas? No busques más allá de Ovus Medical. Con nuestros suministros de pruebas de fármacos fiables y de acción rápida, detectará fácilmente muchos medicamentos en la orina humana. Con nuestros kits, los días de ansiedad y espera de resultados han terminado, ya que los resultados positivos se pueden ver en tan solo cinco minutos

En Ovus Medical, nos esforzamos por proporcionar a los centros de tratamiento de abuso de sustancias, instalaciones correctoras y médicos para su uso en el hogar o la oficina los mejores productos de laboratorio y suministros de pruebas de drogas disponibles en el mercado hoy en día.

  • Precisa y fiable.
  • Resultados en 5 minutos.
  • Para casa o oficina.
  • Envío del mismo día Mon-Fri.
  • Descuentos en masa disponibles.
  • Pruebas de drogas asequibles.



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Why LSD Drug Test Strips?

When it comes to drug testing, accuracy and precision are very important.

At Ovus Medical, we know this, which is why our LSD Drug Test Strips give the most accurate, safe, and reliable results.

Our test strips are very accurate, with a 99% accuracy rate, and they give answers in just five minutes.

The cutoff level for the test strips is 20 g/mL, so you can be sure that you will get the most accurate result available.

They are also easy to use. Just dip the strip in a sample of urine, and you’ll have accurate readings in a few minutes. Also, they are cheap because we sell them in large amounts and give discounts for that.

At Ovus Medical, our LSD drug test strips are the best choice for drug rehab centers and doctors who need fast results for their patients when it means most.

So go ahead and try our top-of-the-line LSD drug test strips from Ovus Medical. You can be sure that they are safe, reliable, and accurate at all times.

MORE INFO: LSD Drug Test Strips (LSD)

When LSD is taken by mouth, the liver changes it into chemicals that don’t do anything. Only about 1% of the LSD is still there in the pee after 24 hours.

Researchers can use different tools to find LSD in urine samples, but these methods are not widely used. Most routine urine drug tests will not identify LSD.

Researchers can use liquid-liquid extraction and ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS/MS) to find LSD in URINE.

Studies have shown that the amount of some inactive byproducts of LSD in pee is 16–43 times higher than the amount of LSD itself. Researchers aren’t sure how these results can be used to spot LSD use, though.

LSD can be found in a pee test for 2–4 days, in a blood test for 6–12 hours, and in a hair test for up to 90 days after the last time it was used. These tests can be affected by how much LSD a person took before the test, as well as their age, health, and weight.

The effects of LSD rely on how much is taken and how it is used. Most “trips” last between 9 and 12 hours. Some of the effects are visual images, a skewed sense of time, mood swings, and trouble making decisions.

“Bad trips,” flashbacks, injuries, and bad reactions with drugs like antidepressants or lithium are some of the risks of using LSD.

What is LSD?
Lysergic acid diethylamide, which is more widely known as LSD or “acid,” is a very strong hallucinogen. It is made from lysergic acid, which comes from a fungus that grows on rye and other grains.1

Most of the time, LSD is sold as small pills, capsules, or drinks. People often put a liquid LSD solution on blotter paper and cut it into pieces with designs on them.

Most of the time, LSD is taken by mouth, but it can also be used in other ways, like by putting a drop in the eye. Over the years, the drug has been called blotter acid, dots, Mellow Yellow, Window Pane, and Yellow Sunshine, among other names.

How is it broken down?
LSD is fully taken in by the body when it is eaten. The liver breaks it down quickly into 2-oxy-LSD and 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD, which are both inactive leftovers (metabolites) of LSD metabolism. LAE, nor-LSD, 13- and 14-hydroxy-LSD, lysergic acid ethyl-2-hydroxyethylamide, trioxylated LSD, and di-hydroxy-LSD are some of the other metabolites of LSD.

LSD has a half-life of 3.6 hours, which means that it takes about that long for half of the dose to leave the body.

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