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COVID or not, some people hesitate to be tested in drug testing facilities. What if the facility mishandles its sample, leading to an erroneous result?

That can cause them to lose their jobs. They can also be litigated, as in the case of driving under the influence. On the other hand, the government can also stop providing help to welfare recipients who get positive test results.

This is why some people are asking questions about analysis facilities. What are they asking?

Is a drug testing facility safe during the pandemic?

These facilities do their best to practice safe procedures in their centers. However, the American Society of Addiction Medicine recommends pausing drug analysis in clinical practice. This is to prevent patients from being exposed to the virus.

On the other hand, drug testing in a facility may be of more importance to patients who:       

  • have a history of using medication for substance abuse disorders as a diversion;
  • appear or show symptoms of intoxication in the drug testing laboratory;
  • report themselves for drug overdose;
  • have a marked unstable opioid and/or other substance use disorders.


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How is drug testing done in facilities?

Centers need to be extra careful with their procedures. It’s because a single mistake can threaten the patient’s safety and everyone present during testing.

Most testing centers initially perform a urine drug screen. It’s because urine tests are non-invasive and easy to perform. Not to mention that today’s urine tests can easily detect the drugs previously used by an individual.

  1. Here’s how technicians perform urine drug testing: The patient fills out a form. He needs to write his name, age, phone number, address, health issues, and other essential details.
  2. He then gives the filled-out form to the technician.
  3. The technician gives a multi-panel urine drug testing cup to the individual. He also gives him instructions on how to properly collect a sample.
  4. The technician tests the temperature of the sample. He also checks for signs of substitution or adulteration.
  5. Then the technician analyzes the sample based on the results that show in the drug testing cup.
  6. What can I do if I don’t have access to drug testing facilities in my area because of COVID?

Most drug testing facilities are open to serve anybody even during the pandemic. It is because they provide essential services to people who may need drug testing services.

If the facility near you is closed, you can visit the SAMSHA website for a complete, updated list of certified labs.

Can a drug testing facility, tell if the sample is substituted?

Yes, that’s why they test the sample’s temperature within four minutes after collection. If the sample falls below 90 to 100 degrees, it indicates substitution. More than a hundred degrees, on the other hand, means the individual used a heating pad to heat the sample.

Will drinking a lot of water help me pass a drug test?                 

Drinking a lot of water can dilute your sample. Take note, however, that drug testing labs have a way of finding out. One method is measuring the creatinine concentration in your urine.

If I don’t want to go to a facility, can I perform drug testing at home?

Yes, you can. In fact, with the current situation, authorities advise performing urine drug testing at home. Just make sure you use CLIA-waived and FDA-approved drug testing cups and supplies.

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These are just some of the questions people ask about drug testing facilities. Their questions are typically about the safety of these companies.

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