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Random Drug Testing

Random Drug Testing: Every company wants to earn more profit and render quality service to its clients. Undoubtedly, to attain these goals, entrepreneurs keep on trying new tactics, disclosing rigid policies to make their employees more productive.

But do you think it works? In reality, when you start making policies keeping your own benefits in mind, it can work against you and make your employees unproductive.

Random Drug Testing One of the main factors that can make a difference is having a carefully thought plan to hire employees and maintain a healthy work environment. The safe work environment is also one of the important keys to increased productivity.

Workplace drug testing is something that you can use while hiring those separate those employees use drugs. Also, you can plan random drug testing to recognize those employees who take drugs while working. It helps in discouraging the use of drugs in office premises and improving the work structure.

If you too want to make your workplace drug-free and increase the productivity of your employees, continue reading to know the ways to implement drug testing:

Drug Testing Components

A total of five components of a drug-testing program include policy, training, employee education, employee assistance, and drug testing. First of all, you should include a clear policy prohibiting the use of alcohol and drugs during work.

Also, don’t forget to mention the harmful effects of drugs and penalties for not following the policy. Then purchase wholesale drug test kits from a well-established company.

Motivational Session

You can start a motivational session during office working hours to encourage employees to follow a drug test program. Also, make sure to invite a speaker to speak on drugs and alcohol disadvantages.

Different Ways Of Drug Testing

Many drug testing tools like ETG Alcohol Test Strips come in 50 strips packing and more. You can select the testing strips as per needs, goals, and budget.


Four mainly used testing types include a urine test, saliva test, hair follicle test, and blood test. The urine test is known as one of the most used techniques to get accurate and reliable results.

Beware Of The Drug Testing Policy

A few rules that an entrepreneur needs to follow when implementing a drug-testing program in the organization show he cares for employees. Here’s the list

  • Always follow the schedule for the drug test
  • never use laboratories that are not accredited by the health department
  • Never penalize employees based on initial results.

Set Frequency Of Drug Testing

By scheduling a drug testing on a random basis, you can deter employees from using alcohol and drugs during working hours. The company can also schedule a drug testing session during an annual physical test and hiring process.

You can call us, shoot as many questions as you want regarding the testing kits, price, delivery policies, and more. We will be happy to hear from you and resolve all your queries. Also, you can contact us anytime to place bulk orders.



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