Why should your organization have a random drug testing policy? Will it benefit you, the employer? How about your employees – how will it be of use to them?

Benefits of Random Drug Testing Policy

Random drug testing is performing drug testing on randomly selected members of a workplace. Appointed personnel or third-party evaluator chooses employees using either an Excel Sheet or an online app.

How can it positively impact you, the employer?

Benefits of a random drug testing policy to employers

1. Increased productivity in the workplace

Productivity. It’s one of the keys to a successful business. Unfortunately, workplace productivity is compromised when an employee or several employees use drugs.

Unfortunately, more than 70 percent of those abusing illicit drugs in America are employed, as are most binge drinkers. 

Picture this. You have ten employees in your retail store. A couple or more of them are using drugs or alcohol. Imagine the impact on your company’s bottom line if they do their jobs half-dazed? 

Tasks might get half-done. Inventories might have erroneous entries. Worse, your brand’s reputation might suffer from drugged, aggressive employees. Imagine a drugged repairman with bloodshot eyes and blurred speech showing up on a customer’s house? What would the customer think?

A random drug testing policy can help prevent such a scenario from happening. Thus, your brand’s reputation need not suffer.

2. Attract and retain the best talent

All employees want to work in a healthy and safe environment – one that’s conducive for working. But how can an employee feel safe if his next-table coworker always isolates himself, looks unkempt, and drugged most of the time? Then he catches that coworker glaring at him when he’s not looking?

With an excellent random drug testing policy in place, employees like the one mentioned above will be weeded out. 

3. Prevent costly litigation

Randomly drug testing employees on a whim is illegal. You must have a reasonable cause for doing so. Laws on drug free workplaces are complex. That’s why a policy written by an employment lawyer helps prevent expensive litigation later on.


ovus medical 3 Benefits of Random Drug Testing Policy

What good does a random drug testing policy do to employees?

1. Boosts productivity

Nothing beats working in a drug free workplace. You don’t have to walk on eggshells to prevent triggering a drugged worker who’s known for his aggressiveness.

Plus, happy and safe coworkers create positive vibes. The environment gets electrifying, filling each office space with positivity, allowing everyone to get things done.

2. Help employees stay healthy

Drug testing has been found to deter drug and alcohol use inside and outside the workplace.

Employees tend to forgo binge drinking or recreational drug use when they’re aware their employer conducts random drug testing anytime.

We all know how drug and alcohol abuse affects the human body. The side effects and withdrawal symptoms can wreak havoc with a person’s health and well being.

Additionally, identified substance abusers can be referred to treatment facilities where they can change for the better.

With a policy in place, you, the employer, won’t only be protecting the workplace. You’ll also be promoting everyone’s health and well being.

3. Leads to a better quality of life

Without drugs in their system, employees can be more healthy and productive. They’ll only take leaves if and when necessary. This will allow them to earn more – and maybe set themselves up for promotion.

When that happens, they’ll have bigger salaries, better perks, and overall improved quality of life.

Having a random drug testing policy, in the end, can benefit both employer and employee. It can help boost productivity in the workplace, promote everyone’s health and safety, leading to a better quality of life.

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