Drug Test Kits – all in one – Drug test kits for all drugs (or at least, all the ones you’ll probably want to test for) are now readily available online from Ovus Medical. If you’re looking for a home drug testing kit that can tell you whether a particular substance is still detectable in your system, a urine or saliva swab drug test is ideal.

How Do Drug Test Kits Work?

Drug test kits contain complex compounds that react in the presence of the drug you’re trying to detect. Drug test kits may test for the presence of a specific substance (or substances) in urine or saliva. The results are highly accurate and simple to read. Whilst there aren’t drug test kits for all drugs, there are 10- and 12-panel drug test kits that can test for the presence of up to ten common, controlled substances in one go.


What is a 10-Panel Drug Test?

Many people are eager to know how long does cocaine last in the system, or how long does meth stay in urine. The reality is that the answers to these questions vary considerably depending on the individual, how much of the substance they’ve taken, how long ago the substance was taken, and various other factors.


A 10-Panel drug test uses a single urine sample to test for ten different controlled substances. There are several different 10-Panel tests available, each of which tests for a slightly different combination of substances. For example, if you want to find out how long does Xanax stay in your system, you’ll need a 10-panel kit that tests for benzodiazepines as one of the controlled substances it covers.  If you want to discover how long does ecstasy stay in your system, your 10- or 12-panel test kit should include a test for MDMA.

Where can you buy Drug Test Kits?

Competitively priced Drug Test Kits – all in one are available from Ovus Medical. Whether you want to know how long does meth stay in urine, or need a drug test to detect alcohol (the answer to the question, “Does alcohol show up on a drug test?” is “Yes”), an accurate, pharmaceutical-grade test will give you that information.

Drug test kits for all drugs that you’ll want to test for are available now at Ovus Medical. If you want to know where to get drug test kits, look no further than the economical, accurate, simple-to-use test kits available now from our online shop.

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