Everything You Need to Know About Types of Drug Tests

People with a Drug Abuse Disorder

Substance abuse can affect society in different ways. From the country’s economy to the people working and living around them, people with a drug abuse disorder can create a lot of problems.

When people go to work under the influence of an illicit substance, their productivity remains low. As a result, the company cannot perform at its best, which reflects in the economy.

Drug Abuse Disorder

At the same time, society remains under the negative influence and is a safety risk if the person continues to live without getting the help they need. Drug abuse also stigmatizes the abuser. This can create hindrances for them to gel in with the society.

This is just a simple depiction of how drug abuse can affect society economically, socially, and psychologically. It runs a lot deeper and calls for immediate attention to help the people struggling with drug abuse disorder.

Drug testing is highly important to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Before we delve into what types of drug tests you can find, let’s have a quick rundown on why exactly drug testing is important.

1. It’s Important for Everyone’s Safety

When a person is under the influence of a drug, it impairs their judgment and increases the safety risks. The safety of the public is also at risk.

Every day, almost 30 people in the country die in drunk-driving incidents. Employee drug abuse causes nearly 50% of on-job accidents.

Regular drug testing can help bring down this alarming rate of accidents and casualties. It can also improve the quality of life for people and their families. This can bring us a step closer to living in a healthier and safer society.

2. It Can Boost Employee Productivity

Conducting employee drug testing regularly can create a massive impact on the overall performance. It will not only encourage the employees to lead healthier lives but will also boost their productivity levels.

Working under drug influence lowers the efficiency of the employees. This increases staffing requirements and costs. Scheduling regular drug tests can help you screen employees with abuse disorders.

Helping them overcome their drug addiction can turn them into a more productive team member. Drug screening also keeps the employees vigilant about their alcohol and drug consumption. This keeps them physically and mentally healthy to perform efficiently.

3. It Brings Down Medical Cost

Many people don’t realize that they’re developing a dependence on the drug. Screening can help them get help early and at a much lower cost. Also, having drug tests at the workplace is beneficial for business owners because it allows them to decrease health insurance premiums.

Drug tests bring down the possibility of on-work accidents and drug-related illnesses. This benefits not just the employees but also the business owners, too, in the low medical cost.

What’s the Purpose of Drug Tests?

Drug tests help identify traces of illicit drugs in individuals. They can screen job applicants, athletes, criminal offenders, and drug rehab program participants. There are a lot of drug tests available that can be easily taken. This includes drug test strips and urine drug test cup.

You can also use a 6, 8,10, 12, 13, or 14 panel drug test cup for the purpose. There are options like mouth swab drug test and panel oral swab drug test available, too, which give quite accurate results.

These drug tests give you results for multiple drugs at the same time. It saves you tremendous time and money. Urine drug test cup kits can give you results for amphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methadone, methamphetamine, marijuana, and ecstasy in the same test. This allows you to conduct the drug testing process more efficiently.

Types of Drug Tests

Well, you can categorize drug tests broadly into two main types: drug testing at home and drug testing done by an expert in a professional setting. Many people consider the drug tests done by professionals at laboratories are only reliable and accurate.

Such is not the case.

You can get accurate results through drug testing at home as well. If you plan to conduct screening at the workplace, you can buy drug test kits in bulk at a good price. They can give you reliable and quick results.

Here are some of the types of drug tests that are available for you to use easily.

1. Urine Drug Testing

If you are looking for the most common drug testing method, urine drug testing is the one. Urine composes of all metabolites that your body ingests. They use urine as their excretory route. You can identify the traces of consumed drugs through urine drug test cups.

They can give you results for several drugs like ecstasy, marijuana, and cocaine that are commonly used these days. You can buy urine drug test cup kits in bulk if you want to conduct testing on a larger scale.

2. Saliva Testing

Saliva testing is rapidly becoming a popular method of drug testing because of its easy use. It is less invasive and gives you accurate results for the drug that is recently consumed. Mouth swab drug tests detect cannabinoids that have entered your body in the past 4 to 10 hours.

Also known as oral fluid drug testing, it takes saliva samples for metabolites and their parent drugs. Mouth swab drug test can also detect marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, alcohol, and methamphetamines.

It is quick to produce results and takes a marginal effort to process.

3. Blood Testing

Blood testing comes in the professional-assisted drug testing category. It is perhaps the most expensive and invasive of all drug tests. It has the upper hand on other testing options in terms of accuracy but takes a significant amount of time to give you results.

The blood sample undergoes a laboratory examination for detailed analysis. The cost and invasiveness of this test make it a lesser, frequently used option.

4. Hair Testing

Besides urine, blood, and panel oral swab drug test, there is hair testing for drug abuse detection, too. It identifies the presence of drug metabolites through the scalp blood vessels.

Hair makes a permanent health record for future use and reference. Such benefit is not offered in any other drug testing option.

At the same time, this also creates a discrepancy. Hair can show positive results even if a person has stopped taking the drug months ago.

This is because it takes longer for the hair to get rid of drug residue completely. Hair testing is also a laboratory-based and expensive option.

5. Perspiration Testing

This kind of drug testing is slightly uncommon because it is a new method. It requires affixing of sweat patch to the skin for 14 days.

It tends to collect perspiration that has excretes of drugs. This method is effective but is more suitable for monitoring a prospective abuser. It can also be used on a criminal offender or a person involved in a child custody case.

If you’re looking for drug testing at the workplace, then the following two options are best suited for you:

  • Urine drug test cup
  • Mouth swab drug test

Both of them are easy to use and give immediate and reliable results. You can purchase them in bulk at a good price.

Drug Test Strip Accuracy

How would one know about drug test strip accuracy can be a serious concern. Well, these tests can be accurate if done properly. Home drug test strips can be used very easily, and their results are simple to read.

However, it would be best if you were careful while collecting samples.

If you are using urine drug test cup kits, you will have to remain vigilant about the temperature. It should be between 96 and 99 degrees. While using home drug test strips, make sure they aren’t contaminated in any manner. This can affect the results.

13-panel drug test results

The timing of checking results is of significance, too. If you are using at home 10-panel drug test, you need to check the results immediately so that no further reaction influences the results. 10, 12, or 13-panel drug test results give you accurate results if you provide them the right conditions and timing.

Some drugs take a while to metabolize and reach urine. So, when using a urine drug test cup, you have to keep this factor in mind.

Where I Can Buy a 12-panel Drug Test

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