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It happens. Your dream company’s HR just informed you that they are considering you for a vital position and you’re set for a final interview, physical examination, and drug testing tomorrow. Yes, your dream job is finally at your footsteps! You jump for joy. But as you reread the message, you remember that you and your friends just smoked weed a few days ago. Now, you need to know how to pass a drug test in 24 hours.

Don’t let the big salary from your dream company slip away – get cleared by checking out these drug testing tips.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours: What You Need to Know

To pass a drug test, you need to consider the following:

1. The different types of drug tests that test for:

  • Amphetamines such as speed, ectasy and meth
  • Cannabinoidslike marijuana
  • Coccaine
  • Opiates such as morphine and heroin
  • Phencyclidine or PCP

These tests are hard to fake but being informed of their differences makes it helpful depending on the situation you are in.

Most employers use urine drug testing, which is the easiest ones to fake as they can be taken with a little window of privacy. Unless it is a supervised test, of course.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to mask or dilute your sample, because if and when you’re caught, you can go to jail. If you are proven substituting your urine for a clean one, you can be held liable for your actions too. Urine analysis involves detection of this so-called test-masking content. Salt, vinegar and bleach will tamper the pH of your urine, which makes it an obvious attempt to mask. Change of color and temperature can be also attributed to masking as there is possibility of diluting with water.

2. Duration of the drug in your body

Marijuana remains in your body for around eleven weeks, depending on how much you consumed, your physical condition, reaction to the drug, your body weight and other factors. Cocaine and heroine last up to four days while PCP stays in your body for around two weeks.

To be on the safe side, perform a drug test at home. This will help you find out your level of intoxication.

3. State laws governing drug tests

Lastly, it is essential to know the state laws governing drug tests. You should be properly notified, and the tests should be administered by a state-run lab. Find out if you can ask for a second drug test, since not all drug tests are 100% accurate.

How to Pass a Drug Test: 5 Tips

1. Take detoxifiers

Since you don’t have the abundance of time to shop online and have it delivered to you within 24 hours, local head shops may be your best bet. They have detoxifiers to take care of your woes. They can keep your body cleansed for around four to six hours.

Or you can consume fruits and vegetables that contain natural detoxifiers. Here’s a list of natural foods that can detoxify and cleanse your body.

2. Drink sufficient water

You can also detox the natural way by drinking lots of water a day before the test. Take note, however, that lab testers will be suspicious if your urine looks clear; so better take some vitamin B pills just to make your urine appear yellowish.

3. Pee as much as you can

Urinate as much as you can before the test day to push drug residues out of your system. You can drink diuretics (cranberry juice, tea or coffee) to boost your fluid output. These drinks may not directly clean your urine, but they can make you urinate more, thus helping flush out drug residues from your body.

4. Do not gather the first stream

While you sleep, drug metabolites build up in your body. Notice how darkly-colored your urine is when you pee first thing in the morning? So do not gather your first stream in the morning because it has the most drug content. Instead, flush that first pee and collect from the next stream.

5. As much as possible, delay a blood or saliva test

In cases of DUI suspicion, blood tests are usually administered. This is the drug test that’s the most difficult to pass, especially if you consumed drugs in the last 24 hours.This is why it is suggested that you wait it out before you subject yourself to a blood drug test. However, if it has been several days since you used drugs, urine tests are more challenging to pass.

In place of urine and blood tests, ask for saliva tests. They are less invasive, less likely to be performed yet easier to pass. So act as if you are too sensitive for a urine or blood test!

If you are self-administering for a cheek swab, instead of rubbing to your lower cheek andgum, rub it against your teeth instead or bite it with your molars. It’s worth the try and can help you pass the drug test!

6. Use the Macujo Method

Lastly, hair tests are the most difficult drug test to pass. An estimated number of 120 hair strands are assessed in the lab to know if there are traces of drugs. These contents can remain in your hair up to three months. Hair tests know if you are a habitual user but can’t tell whether drug has been consumed for the past two weeks.

The hack on how to pass a drug test? The Macujo Method. It involves the use of different ingredients which are listed in LPath.com.

7. Stay away from drugs

Of course, the best and safest way to pass any drug test is not to take any type of drug, especially when you know you’ll be subjected to a test within six months. So, if you’re hoping to be an athlete, looking to work abroad, or considering applying to an international organization, this is the best tip for you.

To ensure reliable results for any drug test, it is best to use CLIA-approved drug testing cups.These drug testing cups are clinically proven to be clean, safe, and reliable.


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