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Methamphetamine called “America’s most dangerous drug” due to its wide spread misuse. This drug’s manufacturing, trafficking, and clandestine use enhance criminal activities in addition to its harmful health effects.

People who take this medication more prone to care less and irresponsible, which can injure others and cause job losses. Methamphetamine use contributes to tardiness, absenteeism, and quick employee turnover.

Is the problem real?

There 1.6 million methamphetamine users in the US, most of whom addicted. It’s possible that some of your employees or job applicant use this substance.

How can prevented?

Fortunately, the health care industry has made the technology for giving such tests available to company owners and human resource managers. Methamphetamine still detectable in a person’s urine for up to thirteen days after it was ingested, whether through smoking, inhaling, swallowing, or even injecting. Doing a urine test for this drug can now conducted onsite, thereby eliminating the need to send people to a laboratory or clinic for drug screening.

While many firms employ single cup multiple panel urine tests that detect a dozen or so restricted substances from one urine sample, they can choose for the considerably less expensive MET test strips that can swiftly and perfect detect meth in a urine sample for less than a dollar.

MET Drug Test Strips: How do these tests work?

The MET drug test strip is carefully removed from its protective packaging and promptly dipped into the sample, sure not to immerse it beyond the indicated maximum (MAX) line. T

Never contact the strip membrane when holding MET test strips by the end with the product name. After 10 to 15 seconds, remove the strip and set it on a flat, non absorbent surface.

The MET drug test strip can read after five minutes by noting color bands. The strip has two bands: Control and Test. No colorful band in the Control area invalidates the test, which must redone. If no band appears in the Test region, methamphetamine present in the urine sample. Simple steps must taken within 10 minutes to validate the test.

It’s that easy!

Check out the online resource pages of Ovus Medical to find the company’s newest drug testing technology for detecting methamphetamine.

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