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Ovus Medical offers a groundbreaking solution for individuals and organizations requiring swift and precise drug testing results with its multi-panel drug testing cups. Employers in need of instant screening, parents monitoring their children, and health professionals tasked with substance abuse treatments can depend on these drug test cups’ exceptional features.

Fast Results in 5 Minutes

For scenarios that demand an immediate response, these drug test kits provide results within 5 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and rapid decision-making.

User-friendly Design

The drug test cups’ design is not only intuitive but comes with instructions that are easy to follow, enabling efficient testing by anyone with minimal training, whether at work or at home.


With a design that prioritizes safety, these multi-panel drug test cups are leak-resistant, protecting against potential spills or accidents and ensuring the sample’s integrity throughout testing.

High Accuracy Rate of 99%

Reliability is paramount, and these drug test kits boast an impressive 99% accuracy rate, meeting the stringent standards for various industries where safety and protocol adherence are critical.

Same-day Shipping

Quick turnaround is our top priority, and our commitment to same-day shipping ensures prompt delivery, allowing clients to access their testing kits without delay.

Versatile for Home or Office Use

Whether you need to carry out drug screenings in a professional setting or within the comfort of your own home, these drug test cups cater to a wide array of scenarios with exceptional reliability and ease of use.

For swift, dependable results, trust Ovus Medical multi-panel drug test cups to meet all your drug screening needs.

Uncompromised Privacy

We design our multi-panel drug test cups with privacy in mind. The testing process is straightforward and discreet, allowing individuals to conduct tests with the assurance of confidentiality. This aspect is essential for maintaining the dignity of all parties involved, especially in sensitive situations where privacy is paramount.

Bulk purchase discounts

To support businesses and organizations in implementing comprehensive drug testing programs, we offer attractive discounts on bulk purchases. This approach makes it more cost-effective for large-scale operations and ensures that you have a consistent supply of high-quality drug test cups on hand when you need them. With Ovus Medical, you can maintain a robust drug testing protocol while managing your budget efficiently.

Effortless Result Interpretation

The design of our multi-panel drug test cups emphasizes user-friendly result interpretation. Color-coded panels and clear markings make it easy for administrators to read and understand the results without specialized training. This streamlined approach minimizes the chance of human error and provides quick, actionable information for decision-making processes.

Accurate and rapid testing technology

Ovus Medical’s multi-panel drug test cups deliver accurate results in minutes using advanced, state-of-the-art immunoassay technology. Our rigorous quality control protocols ensure that each batch meets the highest standards of precision, providing you with reliable information to act upon confidently. Prompt and accurate testing is crucial in dynamic situations where timely decisions are vital.


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