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OvusMedical.com Video Instructions_ Drug Testing Cups

8 Panel Drug Test Cup
Drug Testing Cup; A Reliable Solution

  • 8 panel drug test cups are 99% accurate.
  • Safe, reliable, and accurate drug testing.
  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • Easy to use in the privacy of home or office.
  • Same Day Shipping Mon-Fri.
  • Bulk Discounts Available on 8-panel drug tests.
  • Precise 8 Panel Drug Test Cup.




Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in

Testing Instructions

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✅ Keep the drug test cup, samples, and controls at 59-78 degrees.
Remove the cup from the sealed pouch and use it immediately.

✅ Have the donor sign and date the cup label.
The donor puts urine in the drug testing cup and caps it. Start the timer now.

✅ Operator checks cap tightness.

✅ Remove the peel-off label.

✅ Check the temperature strip label 4-5 minutes after specimen collection. The green color band will appear to indicate the temperature of the urine specimen. Adulterated specimens should be 90-100 degrees F (32-38 degrees C).

✅ Colored bands in test strip results reflect drug test results. Read the result in 5 minutes. Test results after 8 minutes are invalid.

✅ To confirm positive results, send the cup and urine sample intact to a toxicology lab for confirmation.


Remove the urine drug test cup from the sealed pouch as soon as possible and use it. Have donor provide urine sample.

Verify the temperature of the specimen after 2-4 minutes by examining where the green band emerges. On the relevant temperature line, a green band will emerge.

When you’re ready to read the results, remove the label. The results of the tests should be read within 5 minutes. After 8 minutes, do not interpret the result, as they are invalid.


How To Interpret Test Strip Results:

Positive2 POSITIVE 1
Only one colored band appears in the control region ©.
No apparent colored band appears in the test region (T)


Negative2 NEGATIVE 1
Two colored bands appear on the membrane.
One band appears in the control regions ©, and another in the test region(T).


Invalid2 INVALID 1
Any result without a control band at the specified read time must be disregarded.
Retest the procedure. If the problem persists, discontinue using the kit and contact your local distributor.





Drug Name Abbreviation Cut-Off Level
Amphetamines AMP 1000 ng/mL
Benzodiazepines BZO 300 ng/mL
Buprenorphine BUP 10 ng/mL
Cocaine COC 300 ng/mL
Marijuana THC 50 ng/mL
Methadone MTD 300 ng/mL
Morphine OPI 300 ng/mL
Oxycodone OXY 100 ng/mL

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Instruction Video

Video Instructions Drug Testing Cups NEW

En español

Tiras de prueba de drogas; Una solución sencilla

  • Fácil de usar – ¡Obtenga resultados precisos en menos de 5 minutos! Nuestra copa de prueba de drogas es fácil de usar y proporciona pruebas fiables. Experimente la conveniencia agregada con la capacidad de probar de la aislamiento de su propio hogar u oficina.
  • Alta sensibilidad – Nuestras avanzadas tiras reactivas de orina de grado médico están diseñadas para una máxima sensibilidad y precisión, asegurando que usted obtenga una lectura exacta en todo momento. Adhiriéndose a los niveles de corte de SAMHSA, puede confiar en que nuestro producto le dará resultados rápidamente.
  • Envío en el mismo día – ¡No hay necesidad de esperar días o semanas para su entrega! Ofrecemos envío el mismo día, de lunes a viernes. ¿A qué está esperando? ¡Compre ahora y reciba su pedido rápidamente!
  • Descuentos por volumen: ¡abastézcase y ahorre mucho dinero! Con los descuentos por volumen disponibles, nunca ha habido un mejor momento para comprar grandes pedidos. Reciba un descuento al comprar varias unidades
  • Servicio de atención al cliente – ¿Sigue teniendo preguntas? Siempre estamos aquí para ayudarle. Póngase en contacto con nosotros a través de nuestro servicio de atención al cliente por chat en línea para obtener asistencia y asesoramiento experto hoy mismo


  • Resultados rápidos en 5 minutos: Obtenga la información que necesita sin largos periodos de espera: ¡ideal para profesionales ocupados y personas con prisa!
  • Diseño fácil de usar: Diseñado para que sea fácil de manejar y no ensucie, lo que lo convierte en una forma eficaz e higiénica de obtener resultados fiables rápidamente.
  • índice de precisión del 99%: Puede confiar en que los datos obtenidos son fiables, dándole seguridad a la hora de tomar decisiones.
  • Descuentos por volumen disponibles: Compre varios juegos a la vez y benefíciese de grandes ahorros, perfectos para quienes se abastecen de suministros.

Preciso y confiable: las pruebas de drogas de múltiples paneles de Ovus Medical detectan los medicamentos recetados de los que se abusa más comúnmente con una precisión y fiabilidad superiores. Los bajos niveles de corte garantizan una precisión del 99%, mientras que el diseño innovador de nuestras copas garantiza resultados rápidos en cuestión de minutos.


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    F. Campbell

    We’ve been a user of Ovus Medical’s 8 panel cups since 2018. Since then, we never looked for other providers. Let me tell you why: awesome customer service. This is tops for me. There are so many cup providers out there but Joei is always very accommodating. You know us customers, we know when we’re being sweet-talked into something – and we hate that. Also tops for me is the quality of the cups. They’ve never failed us here at the rehab. They always give accurate results.

  2. 88899870163a6a4a7fa7f2895be0f3a4?s=80&r=g

    C. Hernandez

    Always prompt delivery. Excellent customer service!

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    Best drug testing cups and strips! Great customer service and very reliable products! Very happy with Ovus Medical!! Always shop here for my office.

  4. eb520f756642eb74b4216d1105043586?s=80&r=g

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick arrival. Great product

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    very convenient and quick

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Friendly and fast service

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    Shawna W. (verified owner)

    Great customer service

  8. eb520f756642eb74b4216d1105043586?s=80&r=g

    William S Cook, Jr, MD (verified owner)

    The temperature strip does not register the urine temperature. These are not the same cups we usually get so I don’t know if we just received a bad batch or if it is all of the T-Cups. Secondly, I ordered 8-panel cups, but received 12-panel without any indication that the 8-panel was out. That would explain the price jump too. The order before this one was also a 12-panel with same scenario, but I thought I may have made an error ordering. Overall, we are usually very happy with Ovus, but this time, we had these issues.

  9. 4559afe62ea0efd31711c505364be0fc?s=80&r=g

    Shawna (verified owner)

    Works great, happy with product.

  10. d870ae5feb87a3ecf995c58e864e91a5?s=80&r=g

    Veronica Rusk (verified owner)

    Babette who helped assist me was very kind and understanding and help me with my mistake and shipping thank you again so much

    • b3190ad5bc58426b9a412c46d4c1347a?s=80&r=g

      Babette Hayes (store manager)

      So happy to help you Veronica, and thank you for your business.

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    very good

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product

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    Imad George (verified owner)

    Easy to interpret

  14. fadef63960f5f3d25fad18f73e8aff28?s=80&r=g

    Imad George (verified owner)

    Cups work

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8 Panel Drug Test Cup


The 8 Panel Drug Test Cup by Ovus Medical is accurate, reliable, and efficient. Drug testing has never been this simple! Our cutting-edge 8 Panel Drug Test Cup is designed to make drug monitoring and pain management easier than ever before, with new lower cut-off levels ensuring 99% accuracy.

Our FDA, CLIA Waived, and SAMHSA-approved drug testing supplies undergo stringent evaluations, making this urine drug test the ideal choice for professionals in the medical field, rehabilitation centers, and workplaces that require drug testing.

Safety and cleanliness are our top priorities. Our innovative 8 panel drug test cup features a no-drip screw-top cover, ensuring a mess-free experience and added security during testing.

This Cup Tests For:

Amphetamine (AMP), Barbiturate (BAR), Buprenorphine (BUP), Cocaine (COC), Marijuana (THC), Methamphetamine (MET), Opiates (OPI/MOR), Oxycodone (OXY)


  • FDA and CLIA Waived.
  • Results in 5 minutes.
  • Each cup tests for a particular drug on each panel.
  • They all have built-in temperature sensors.
  • These test kits are excellent for home or office testing.
  • Each test cup is rounded for better handling.
  • Bulk Discounts Available: Buy in quantity and save.


HOW TO USE:  (see detailed instructions tab above)



Drug testing organizations and pre-employment screenings prefer this inexpensive drug test kit.
Its rounded design, no-drip twist top cover, and leak-resistant features make this 8-panel quick urine drug test safe and easy for you and the donor. It also contains a temperature strip for donor urine authentication.
Eight panels identify 8 different drugs. This urine drug screening method is best at detecting numerous drugs.

The 8 Panel Drug Test Cup is ideal for those who value accuracy, efficiency, and convenience in their drug testing needs. Don’t compromise on quality or speed. Make the smart decision for your drug testing needs and invest in the 8 Panel Drug Test Cup by Ovus Medical today. Say goodbye to uncertainty and frustration and hello to quick, reliable results.

Drug Name Abbreviation Detection time Cut-Off Level
Amphetamines AMP 1-2 Days 1000 ng/mL
Benzodiazepines BZO 1-2 Days 300 ng/mL
Buprenorphine BUP 2-6 Days 10 ng/mL
Cocaine COC 2-4 Days 300 ng/mL
Marijuana THC 15-30 Days 50 ng/mL
Methadone MTD 1-3 Days 300 ng/mL
Methamphetamine mAMP (or MET) 2-4 Days 1000 ng/mL
Morphine OPI 2-3 Days 300 ng/mL
Oxycodone OXY 1-3 Days 100 ng/mL

ovusmedical.com questions about drug testing 1


The Ovus Medical 8 Panel Drug Test Cup is ideal for substance addiction treatment facilities, clinicians, and anybody searching for a dependable and simple-to-use drug test. This one-of-a-kind circular cup features a no-drip screw top lid that prevents leaks, preserves cleanliness, and keeps urine samples untainted.

It also has a temperature strip built to offer even more precision and accuracy in the readings. All instructions will be readily available to the user thanks to easy-to-read labels.

The sensitivity of the 8-panel drug test adheres to SAMHSA cutoff levels, which are meant to identify drugs in urine while employing lower cutoff levels for increased reliability and accuracy.

You may be confident that your testing will be efficient and accurate if you use this product. Amphetamine, Buprenorphine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Methadone, Methamphetamines (including Ecstasy), Opiates (including Morphine & Heroin) are all covered, making it an excellent solution for any testing situation.

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