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Before the development of fake urine for drug testing, employees of urine assay kits manufacturers requested their employees to donate urine samples. These samples underwent the necessary treatment to produce suitably controlled urine for testing. But due to factors such as inconsistent urine quality (because of varying health habits and issues) and the disagreeable odor of urine, fake urine was developed. This ensured the efficiency and accuracy of the instruments used for evaluating urine drug testing kits.

Nowadays, fake urine is also used by individuals who need to undergo drug testing. These people are not limited to drug users alone. Some individuals who take prescription medications that are known to cause false positives also use fake urine in an effort to pass drug tests.

What is fake urine and what are the risks involved in its use?

What is fake urine made of?

According to Synthetic Urine World, fake or synthetic urine is composed of substances that are naturally present in natural urine such as urea, creatinine, uric acid, among others. It is, after all, created to simulate human urine in appearance, composition, chemical properties, specific gravity and pH level.

Other than its use for drug testing, fake urine is also utilized as an animal repellent, for friendly pranks, as urinalysis tools for medical students, and in many science laboratories.

There are different brands of fake urine: Quick Fix, UPass, Magnum Detox, Ultra Pure, Agent X and a host of other. Some come in liquid, others in powdered form. Both come with individual heating pads and an instruction manual.

Because it has worked for many people, it has become a popular method for cheating urine drug tests, especially in facilities where individuals undergoing testing are not observed.

Who are most likely to use fake urine for drug testing?

There are industries that require regular and random drug screening to ensure the safety of human lives. The transportation industry, for one, perform random drug testing to make sure that drivers will not be involved in DUI accidents that may lead to loss of lives and damage to property.

The construction industry also requires drug testing to ensure safety and productivity. Thus, drywall installers, carpenters, building inspectors, sheet metal workers, etc. are subjected to drug screening. Construction workers are exposed to hazardous situations all the time. Injuries from falls, exposure to toxic chemicals, cuts from sharp objects and tools are common, so anything that may hamper their alertness and productivity might lead to fatal consequences.

The Sports industry is another industry that requires drug testing. This is done to boost the health and wellness of athletes and also to avoid unfair advantages.

But how can fake urine be a source of risk?

Using Fake Urine for Drug Testing: Is It Risky?

It used to be that testing centers had a difficult time distinguishing between real and fake urine. However, technological advancements and sophisticated laboratory equipment can now detect the presence of synthetic substances in urine.

The rampant use of fake urine for drug testing has alerted authorities; as a consequence, seventeen states are now pushing to ban it, with Alabama next in line.

If a person is caught using fake urine for drug testing, this puts him at a great risk of:


Employers are aware of the negative effects of drug use on safety and productivity in the workplace. This is why an increasing number of employers require pre-employment and random drug testing. Once an existing employee is found using fake urine, he may be considered dishonest and untrustworthy. He may even face suspension, or worse, termination.

Penalties and Imprisonment

This can happen if the person uses fake urine for drug testing in any of over a dozen states that now have anti-drug cheating laws. In South Carolina, for example, a first-time offender may pay a fine of $5,000 or imprisonment of up to three years. In North Carolina, a person who helps another cheat on a drug test can be charged guilty of Class 1 felony. And if you’re a DUI driver caught in an accident, and you happen to carry a bottle of fake pee in your vehicle for whatever purpose it may serve, that would be questioned too.

Fatal consequences

The use of illegal drugs can be addictive. If a person uses these drugs more frequently because he knows he will pass drug tests with the help of fake urine anyway, his health and wellness may suffer in the long run. Worst, he may end up overdosing himself, which may lead to severe physical and mental disabilities or death.

Using false urine for drug testing, for whatever reason, is still a kind of cheating. If you or someone you know takes prescription medications that may generate false positive results, you must indicate this on the form provided prior to drug testing. The employees doing the drug test will be aware of your condition as a result.

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