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COVID-19 has significantly affected the economy. Rehabs, doctors, testing facilities, schools, and even government institutions that have drug testing programs try to minimize their expenses to maximize their funds. And one of the cost-saving strategies they use is buying drug tests in bulk.

The question is – can buying drug tests in bulk help your organization save money, or is it all hype?


Buy drug tests in bulk: The advantages                             

 Lower prices

Wholesalers can offer the lowest prices when you buy in bulk. The more supplies they purchase from the manufacturers, the more discounts and better deals they get. As a consequence, they pass this advantage to you. You get your products at prices that can’t be matched by retailers.

Freebies and great deals

Who can resist freebies? We gobble them up – from keychains to stickers to coasters! Especially since you can pass them down to our customers.

Not to mention that working with dedicated suppliers can give you better deals. Have you got limited funds at the moment? You can make payment arrangements with your supplier.

Quality assurance

Because suppliers want to maintain their good reputation to their customers, they get their testing supplies from reputable manufacturers with proven track records.

So when you buy panel drug testing cups in bulk, you can rest assured you are getting great value too.

Buying drug tests in bulk: The disadvantages

The prospect of benefiting from buying drug tests in bulk can be exciting. You’ll be able to save cash while enjoying freebies, convenience, and top quality products.

But, as the saying goes, “Nothing is perfect. Everything has pros and cons. And yes, even buying drug test cups in bulk has some disadvantages too.

Limited storage space

Do you have enough space for all the drug test kits you bought? There’s no problem if you do. All you have to do is organize your area for everyone’s convenience.

However, if you still have to build a storage area for everything you bought, that might create a dent in your pocket.

Upfront payment

When you buy drug and alcohol testing supplies in bulk, your supplier expects you to pay upfront. Do you have sufficient funds to keep your business afloat?

Yes, buying these supplies at incredibly low prices can save you money. However, keep in mind that you won’t get your expected ROI immediately. It will take time before you use up all those drug testing supplies.

Can you deal with this without breaking your bank? 

Missed opportunities

Let’s say an online store offers a 50% discount sale on their medical supplies. Since you bought a large quantity of drug testing cups and strips, dip cards, and COVID-19 rapid tests from another vendor, you don’t have enough funds and storage space for more items. 

Are you ready to pass up opportunities like this?

Like anything else, buying drug tests in bulk has pros and cons. So do your due diligence. Conduct careful research before investing your hard-earned money in drug testing supplies.

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