For a very long time, the rehabilitation of drug users was often associated with the criminal justice system. This is because of the illegal nature of most of these acts. Today, the principal concern of drug rehab is actually to help drug abusers rather than punish them. They are, after all, actually all victims.

Many drug users don’t have any criminal intent. Most start off by abusing their medication unintentionally. Through the years, they become dependent on their medicines and, before they know it, they’re hooked. There are various approaches and methodologies in drug rehabilitation. These are meant to address many circumstances around the problem. There is a comprehensive range of mainstream services available at many drug rehabilitation centers.

Centers throughout America manage victims of drug abuse in an inpatient or hospital-like setting. Celebrities like Stephen Tyler and Mel Gibson openly discuss how some of the best inpatient drugs rehab centers helped them get their lives back together after suffering from substance abuse. Scottish actor Gerard Butler talks about how he had become addicted to pain relief drugs after the filming of “300.”

He admitted to having checked himself into a prominent rehab center to attend to his problem. Indeed, we should not see these centers as places of incarceration, but as places of healing. Let us take a quick look at the country’s best inpatient drugs rehab centers and what makes them outstanding.

The Best Inpatient Drugs Rehab Centers

Asheville Recovery Center

This North Carolina rehab center addresses underlying issues that cause its clients to develop a drug problem. This full-service facility in the mountains of Asheville explores substance abuse and provides treatment. Their individualized program is comprehensive and family-oriented.

Recover Integrity for Men

This Los Angeles-based network of rehab centers serves adult male clients. They provide a comfortable and relaxed healing environment. The facility’s experts address addiction problems through holistic programming. The center helps these men through counseling and engages them in activities like gym and meditation. It also encourages them to join health and fitness groups.

AToN Center

Founded in Encinitas, San Diego, California, this treatment facility addresses the substance addiction issues of adult men. It provides a healing environment that incorporates medical intervention with holistic and alternative modalities. These include acupuncture, hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation, and even field trips.

Awakenings by the Sea

You can find Awakenings by the Sea along the North Oregon Coast in the City of Seaside. This center provides substance abuse rehabilitation for women and for their families as well — if need be — in a residential setting. Medical detox done at the facility. There are also outpatient services for different forms of addiction.

Spirit Mountain Recovery

This facility based in Eden, Utah provides exclusive drug rehabilitation services for adult men. It provides the full continuum of services just as any rehab center would. The difference that the treatment done in an upscale residential environment, rather than in a hospital scenario. Clients must undergo a 5-day medical detoxification course before rehab.

Chateau Recovery

Chateau Recovery in Midway, Utah offers holistic care in a peaceful sylvan environment. Clients are subject to a “whole-self approach” to addiction recovery. This could include activities like yoga, sports, and even canine therapy.

Oasis Recovery

Oasis Recovery is in Asheville, North Carolina. This rehab facility forgoes the typical hospital environment in favor of providing a wholesome safe haven where drug users and alcoholics can recover. Apart from addressing the usual substance abuse problems, Oasis Recovery deals with process abuse. These are problems such as addiction to shopping, internet, gambling, and the like.

The Exclusive Hawaii

This facility is less than half an hour’s drive from the Hilo International Airport in Hawaii. This drug rehab facility on a private estate in Hakalau overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It’s found in an area where the clearest skies year-round make star-gazing worthwhile. The Exclusive Hawaii gets its name from the fact that the entire facility only services eight clients at one time, each in a private room. Apart from providing mainstream detoxification treatments, this center incorporates holistic approaches. Treatments run to a period of 30 days.

Synergy Executive

This Ozark, Missouri rehab facility focuses more on life balance than on the fact that its patients suffer from addictions. Clients at this upscale facility stay in private rooms in a 16,000-square-foot home located on a 37-acre forested estate. Its executive philosophy rests on the empowerment of its clients in overcoming addiction. Individualized recovery and personal growth are at the heart of this center’s philosophy. The atmosphere is conducive to physical, emotional, and even spiritual healing.

Boca Recovery Center

Nestled in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida, this facility in Palm Beach County touted as the best inpatient drugs rehab center in America. It rates high in part due to its attractive surroundings. But it is the quality of care, superior amenities, and great food that makes this center stand out.

These, and the fact that it boasts of a highly professional staff providing quality care to ensure more effective treatment. The center also promotes an individualized approach to treating drug abuse. Its proponents point out that the specific needs of patients vary. Noting that addiction is a family disease, the Boca Recovery Center provides a supportive environment to foster complete rehabilitation.

Patients share dormitory-type rooms for social interaction and visit the nearby gym on a regular basis. The treatment of substance abuse through inpatient rehabilitation centers has come a long way. It used to that drug offenders were cruelly “institutionalized” by law enforcers. Today, drug testing is no longer considered as an unjust imposition that challenges the right to the privacy of individuals.

Drug testing can open the door to a better and renewed life for people who have become victims of substance abuse. Testing for the presence of abused substances has become so easy. These days, regular testing can be done quickly with the development of multi-panel single-cup urine tests. These test kits are accurate, inexpensive, and convenient for use in a corporate or industrial environment. Learn more about drug abuse, drug testing, and related topics by checking out the Ovus Medical Blog.

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