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Have you ever given a thought how instant drug test cups work and how precise their results actually are? The Untold Truth Of Taking An Instant Drug Test. If you ever had, then this information is a must know.

There are countless reasons why you might need a drug test. Sometimes, it can be for employee’s use and other times, it’s for personal use. Yes, you too can reap the benefits of comfortable drug testing.

The below-written information might help you in determining if an instant drug test is for you.

What’s An Instant Drug Test?

Anywhere and anyone can use a drug test to screen drugs in one’s routine. In the amid of options, urine drug test strips is the most popular variation of drug test used.

The Untold Truth Of Taking An Instant Drug Test urine drug test is easily found in nearby stores. They are cheap, easy to use, and only require a little bit of urine for testing.

Drug tests come in different forms. And every instant drug test is different from other. Some are capable of screening 15 drug test while others drug test only 1. So, it will be fair to say not all drug test screening are created equal.


Not, all the drug tests have the same level of precision and accuracy. Make it a point to remember while selecting any drug test over the shelves.

An instant drug test is usually able to perform the test with accuracy if the individual did drugs within a certain time frame. If the time difference between drug testing and use is bigger, then possibly drug test is not able to detect drugs.

Ensure to check the box for such information before making a purchase. You can look for other options and then go for the one depending on the accuracy.

Fairly, you don’t need to rely on the laboratory for the drug testing results. However, opting for at home drug test  strips you can have the following benefits:

The Untold Truth Of Taking An Instant Drug Test


The foremost of all, instant drug tests provide you the satisfaction of drug test results. Laboratory drug testing usually has waiting times which are stressful to deal with. Instant drug tests are affordable than laboratory drug testing and certified.

The test reports of drug testing and laboratory are at par. It usually depends upon what kind of drug test you have and how intricate it is.  All it will take is your little efforts.

When To Go For Drug Test Cups

There come many situations when you might need to opt or administer instant drug tests.

If you want to know what drug test is in a person’s system now, purchase drug tests in bulk. They are common while hiring employees or you can check to keep a high-quality staff at your workplace.

Even, if you are a parent and suspicious about your younger one taking drugs, than drug testing them proves to be a better option in order to be safe. Even, nowadays school drug test students for sports and other extracurricular activities.

How Drug Test Works

We metabolize everything we ingest. This takes in accounts even the drugs. The substances remain in the body after consuming them.

As the body removes most of the metabolite through the kidney, but also from liver bile. Other ways of metabolite elimination include saliva, exhaled air, breast milk, sweat. These metabolites travel through the bloodstream and get deposited at hair follicles.

In a drug screening test, if drug traces amount of metabolites, the drug test shows up as positive. Alike, testing for marijuana, the drug test cups detects cannabinoids in one system.

Once again: Different drug tests are able to detect different substances. So, make sure to get an instant drug test cups perfect for your needs.

Get Results Instantly

An immediate drug test has a lot to offer you. You don’t need to visit a laboratory for knowing the basic information of the substances present in a person’s body. Save your time and dollars with a drug testing urine cup and find the truth.


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