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Taking the necessary measures to ensure a drug-free workplace is a worthwhile move for any business establishment. Corporations can now go about this with ease and convenience. With easily available advanced drug test devices such as the 12-Panel Drug Test Cups used by many human resources managers for testing.

These fully-integrated tests make it easy for managers to accurately screen employees. They simply need to collect a urine specimen in a single test cup to quickly get results. They can test for the presence of amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and buprenorphine.

Other substances that they can test for are cocaine, ecstasy, THC (cannabis,) methadone and methamphetamine. Morphine, opiates, oxycodone, tricyclic antidepressants, and PCP can also be detected.

These urine cups can benefit you and your employees for a number of very practical reasons as outlined below.


The Benefits of 12 Panel Drug Test Cup

1. Improved productivity

Making certain that your company’s workplace is drug-free will surely guarantee financial success. Using drug screen cups  help to evaluate a prospective employee’s suitability. Testing helps human resource managers weed out applicants who have a history with drugs misuse. These individuals would be likely to use again and run into drug-related trouble on the job.

Operating with a totally drug-free workforce translates to higher efficiency and performance. There are fewer industrial accidents and costly errors, and reduced tardiness and absenteeism.

Working in a guaranteed drug-free environment also contributes to employees’ peace of mind. They can be more confident of working in a safe environment.

2. Employee satisfaction

It may seem paradoxical for a drug-screening program to be regarded as advantageous to employees. It can, however, function as a health and wellness benefit. Running drug screens will help employees stay clean. A workforce can be made to toe the line and encouraged to stay clean.  Results could possibly put them in danger of losing their job if found positive.

Ironic as it may seem, some instances of drug abuse involve therapeutic medicines prescribed by the employee’s physician. A patient may tempted to take an excessively high dose to alleviate chronic pain, for instance. Unfortunately, he may not even realize that his self-medication with increasing dosages can allow him to reach the point of abuse.

These 12-Panel Drug Tests accurately detect the presence of recreational and street drugs in the urine specimen. These tests also accurately detect the presence of regulated prescription drugs that are beyond the cutoff point for safety. This information will benefit the employee by alerting him of the problem. He can then seek appropriate help. Many companies are willing to help their employees through rough spots like these.

3. Steering clear of legal entanglements

In the case of many of the substances that are detectable by a 12 panel drug test cup, the drug user could run afoul of the law. Drug laws vary between states. Management’s intent in running drug tests is not always to criminally prosecute drug users. Still, test results may constitute evidence of illegal acts being performed by people employed by the company.

Legal problems also arise when drug use leads to criminality or disorderly behavior in the workplace. Such actions could end in arrests and the filing of criminal charges. Running drug screens on all workers will make such occurrences unlikely.

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