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THC Testing Beneficial for Employers or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound found in the dried leaves and flowering tops of the Marijuana plant. Even though Marijuana is used for medicinal and recreational purposes, it’s a highly addictive substance because of its high potential for abuse. Its use is still restricted in many states. The therapeutic effects of Marijuana are also vastly debated.

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THC Testing Beneficial for Employers in Marijuana can seriously influence the user’s cognitive abilities. It affects depth perception, muscle coordination, reaction time, and motor skills. It can also create sensory distortion For people. Who operating machinery or driving vehicles, such effects can be fatal. This makes it essential for organizations to have an employee drug-testing program in place.

THC Testing Beneficial for Employers (or Marijuana) dates back to the 1960s. When during the Vietnamese War, the US Department of Defense started drug testing on a large scale. This practice started after they learned that some military personnel in Vietnam involved in marijuana and heroin abuse. This led to the development of urine drug testing technology along with establishing cutoff levels for drug detection.

Following suit, government organizations and private companies introduced drug testing programs in the workplace. Some years later, the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 was passed, which brought the concept of a drug-free workplace. The purpose was to ensure workplace safety and prevent employees from engaging in the distribution, possession, or usage of drugs.

Why Employers Need to Implement THC Testing in the Workplace

According to the findings of a study conducted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Employees who tested positive for Marijuana on a urine drug test. They did, at the time of hiring, had 55% more workplace accidents. Moreover, they had 85% more injuries in the workplace and also showed 75% greater absenteeism. Compared to those who cleared the test with no marijuana traces.

These factors play a significant role in impeding the productivity of the employee and the overall organization. It also results in issues like increased turnover, lawsuits, and unemployment, and compensation claims.

Employers can expect to spend nearly $7000 every year on an employee who abuses drugs. This value excludes unemployment claims or lawsuits. All these figures are enough reasons for employers to take an exact position as far as the use of Marijuana is concerned. There’s no doubt that the drug testing program is a must-have for every organization.

How THC Testing Can Benefit Employers

Let’s take a look at how employers can benefit from THC testing as part of a drug-testing program in the workplace. 1 7

Safety of All Employees Is Ensured

Marijuana abuse puts the user at risk of severe health issues or accidents and those around them. Therefore, by devising and implementing a THC Testing Beneficial for Employers policy, you ensure a safe and healthy work environment for everyone.

Workplace Injuries Are Reduced

Employees who are into any substance abuse can add to workplace accidents and injuries. A significant proportion of workplace injuries and deaths happen due to the use of drugs or alcohol. When employees are aware of clear rules and consequences of using Marijuana and other abusive substances at work, the number of work-related accidents will significantly decrease.

Reduced Worker’s Compensation Claims

According to The National Institute of Drug Abuse, substance users cost employees double the workers’ compensation and medical expenses than non-users. Not only that, but substance abusers also file five times more compensation claims than regular employees.

These claims sometimes add up to take away a significant chunk of the employer’s workplace running cost. Therefore, controlling substance ensures workplace safety and adds to workplace savings.

Better Workers’ Compensation Premiums

To encourage drug-free programs, some states like Florida, Texas, Washington, Virginia, and Georgia, have passed laws by which organizations can receive worker’s compensation insurance premium credits as high as 10% if they implement a drug-free workplace program.

Decreased Absenteeism and Health Insurance Claims

When employees are prohibited from using Marijuana, there will be a significant reduction in absenteeism due to health issues and other marijuana abuse problems. It will also result in a reduced need for health insurance, which will add to its savings. All in all, the employee work ethic will be improved.

Higher Productivity 1 5

By curbing behaviors like missing work, deadlines, calling in sick, etc., employees become much more responsible and accountable for their everyday work obligations. This means they’re going to be more productive as far as work is concerned, and the organization will, in turn, benefit.

Lesser Criminal Activities in the Workplace

Marijuana abusers are often involved in violence and other criminal activities such as theft. They can also put themselves and other people’s lives in danger. A zero-tolerance policy for Marijuana in the workplace will ensure no such activities take place.

Overall Cost Savings Improve Your Bottom Line

Enhanced worker productivity, lower absenteeism, fewer accidents and injuries, and lesser compensation claims filings – all these savings improve your business’s net profit.

Employees Will Feel Happy Knowing That You’re Concerned

A well-structured drug testing program will show your commitment to providing a drug-free environment to your employees. Providing facilities like assisting employees with marijuana abuse problems will demonstrate that you care about their health and safety. Looking at your commitment, employees will also feel motivated to improve their quality of life.

Improved Health and Morale of Employees

Some of the intangible benefits of having a drug-free workplace include better employee morale and health status. Healthy and satisfied employees will feel more confident and work harder.

How Can Employers Handle Employee Marijuana Use

Though Marijuana still considered illegal in most places, there’s ever-growing support for its legalization across the US. As a result, state laws reflect the change in the attitude towards marijuana use, and many states permit the use of both medical and recreational marijuana. This has left employers wondering how they can control weed consumption in the workplace.

Most states usually side with employers if employers refuse employment to marijuana users or those who take disciplinary actions against marijuana-using employees. However, some states also safeguard employee rights and speak in favor of them.

Therefore, it’s best to review individual state laws surrounding Marijuana’s legality of Marijuana, especially in the workplace. It can guide employers and help them devise the most suitable drug testing program.

This is one reason employers are experiencing increasing difficulty in headhunting for vacant job positions. Some job applicants would walk out mid-interview when they learn that the organization runs an employee drug testing program.

However, this should not discourage employers from implementing a pre-employment drug testing policy in the workplace. This is especially important for industrial jobs where employees must operate heavy machinery or jobs related to transportation.

Hiring employees with a drug-free history will ensure a safer and more productive work environment. In addition to that, having a random drug testing policy will help ensure that the organization stays drug-free. All these efforts will help you achieve your organizational goals more efficiently. And your employees will also benefit from better health and safety at work.

Characteristics of a Good No Marijuana Policy at Work 1 8

  • You should have clearly written policies and drug testing procedures that publicized organization-wide. All new and existing employees should be aware of their obligations, rights, and responsibilities.
  • Involve a cross-section of employees from all departments within the organization when developing the policy and drug testing program. Union involvement is also essential. This will make sure that the policy well implemented.
  • Outline the various methods of assisting employees who voluntarily admit that they involved in marijuana abuse. This should include treatment, follow-up, and counseling.
  • Employees should have precise knowledge of all the consequences and disciplinary actions that can taken against them if they fail to abide by the rules or violate any drug-related policies in the workplace.
  • Lastly, there should be active and visible support and commitment towards the policy’s supervisors and organization leaders.

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