When it comes to hiring an employee for their company or corporation, employers today have a lot to think about. They will first determine whether the candidate is qualified for the position and how well they will adapt to their new working environment. Once an employer decides on a specific applicant, he might consider: will this highly qualified individual pass an instant drug test? What is a best Instant drug test for a company use?

Why do companies do drug testing? 

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), more than 70% of Americans who use illicit drugs work. As a result, an increasing number of entrepreneurs have implemented workplace drug testing programs. This is done to promote employee health and safety, as well as productivity. A company’s bottom line is more likely to increase when its employees are safe, healthy, and productive. 

But which testing method should your business employ?

There are several methods available today, but this article will focus on the critical differences between the two most popular types of instant testing: Urine and Oral. 

The Facts About Instant Urine Drug Testing

  • The results of the instant urine drug test are almost instantaneous.
  • They have a long shelf life and are simple to store.
  • The detection of drugs has a three-day window.
  • The accuracy rate is higher than that of oral drug testing.
  • There is no need for a lab analysis.
  • With 98 percent accuracy, it can be determined in 5-10 minutes.
  • The urine sample contains metabolites (the chemical breakdown of the drug or drugs).
  • It is known to be slightly intrusive.
  • Available Chain of Custody.  (A chain of custody is a document that keeps track of the collection procedure, and has each person who has come in contact with the specimen to sign his or her name.)
  • An instant drug test urine cup offers more options. For example, you can use a 5 panel instant drug test or a 10 panel instant drug test, depending upon the number of drugs you want to test.

ovus medical The Facts About Instant Urine Drug Testing

The Truth About Instant Oral Drug Testing.

  • Detection time in instant drug test saliva is reduced.
  • A few hours of drug detection can add up to a full day.
  • THC, which is found in marijuana, is extremely difficult to detect in saliva.
  • Drugs that have been smoked can contaminate the saliva.
  • More expensive than a urine sample, but less reliable.
  • Can detect drugs up to 24 hours before testing and marijuana up to 4-5 hours before testing.
  • Oral swab test is less invasive. You can perform it with several employees in your office
  • Some medications, including Ibuprofen, Motrin, and Advil, can cause false positive drug tests. 

The Great Debate

The most contentious issue when deciding on a type of drug screening is the invasiveness of the procedure. Many businesses struggle with whether to use a test that is more accurate but more invasive on their employees (urine test) or a test that is less accurate but less invasive on their employees (blood test) (oral test). Indeed, the reliability of the instant drug test you are to use plays a huge role.


The bottom line is that if you do require a drug test for employees, accuracy is unquestionably the most important overall goal. Urine testing provides this accuracy at a lower cost and provides a method that, while slightly more invasive, is extremely effective.

It is critical to consider which test is best for and most tailored to your workplace. 

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