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Owners of drug treatment facilities or addiction treatment centers know the benefits of conducting a random drug test. Unexpected drug testing results can help them create a better recovery program for a specific patient, keep track of the patient’s progress; serve as positive reinforcement; protect other patients; weed outpatients who are not serious about their recovery, and maybe a necessary tool for reporting. But the question is – why use a 13-panel drug test cup for this purpose?

13 Panel Drug Test Cup: Benefits of a Random Drug Test

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Random drug testing should always be genuinely impartial. The selection method should be unbiased. You should make sure that the time interval between notification and testing is reduced to prevent patients from thinking of ways not to get caught. You should also document the entire process correctly, following all state and federal laws. And, of course, your choice of drug testing method should not be undermined.

Many drug treatment facilities and addiction treatment centers opt for the 13-panel drug test cup with the CLIA screen. Why? Read on.

13 Panel Drug Test Cup: Why do Drug Treatment Facilities prefer it

1. Accuracy

13-panel drug test cups are typically CLIA waived. This means the test is easy to use, has a low risk of incorrect results, and provides 99% accuracy. To a drug treatment facility, accurate drug tests matter a lot. Imagine wrongly pinpointing a patient for continued drug use because of inaccurate test results. This will affect the patient’s recovery. They might even decide to leave your facility and spread the negative word about you. That will put your treatment center in a bad light.

2. Speedy, qualitative results

The results will be shown in five minutes once a patient hands in their urine sample. Urine drug test cups only give qualitative results. Either illegal substances are present in the sample, or no, there are no traces of any drugs.

The beauty of speedy results? You leave out the guesswork. You can immediately point out who is still abusing drugs and create an appropriate action plan or program for the person involved.

3. Convenience

You can buy a 13-panel drug test cup online or in stores like CVS. And because these cups have a long shelf life, you can buy them in bulk and store them for future use. Not to mention that they’re so easy to use without the need for expensive or complex equipment. All you have to do is ask the patient to pee in the cup, seal it tightly, stand for five minutes, peel the label, and interpret the results.

4. Number of drugs detected

13-panel drug test cups can see the following substances: amphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, Bup, fentanyl, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, methadone, opiates/morphine, oxycodone, methamphetamine, and tricyclic antidepressants. The 13-panel drug test cup with FYL and ETG detects the presence of alcohol in human urine. This is like hitting 13 birds with one stone!

5. Economy

Compared to other drug testing methods, urine testing is the most cost-efficient. At Ovus Medical, you can buy a single cup for as low as $5.99. If you want to cut costs further, consider buying in bulk. A case of 100 cups of the same quality as the single cup costs 50% off!

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