ETG Test to Detect Alcohol: Alcoholism has been a cause of concern for society’s health and safety at large. Despite the checks and balances imposed, law enforcement agencies have different drug testing solutions to get the most authentic result.

Of all, the ETG (Ethyl Glucuronide) test has been a lot talked about for the ambiguity over its results. Basically, ETG is an intoxicating ingredient. It found in beer, wine, and liquor produced by yeast’s fermentation, sugars, and starches.

It allows law enforcement agencies to evaluate and monitor whether or not an individual is abstaining from alcohol consumption.

Whilst many do not consider it confirmatory. It helps in detecting the recent usage of alcohol. In fact, ETG tends to detected in the urine after 2 days or longer if too much drunk. So rash drivers can be booked based on the ETG test results.

How Much Alcoholism is Costing the US?

ETG Test to Detect Alcohol

Alcoholism has been a scar on the US economy.

As per the National Council Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., alcohol is most commonly used addictively. The substance in the U.S., with one in every 12 adults falling victim to alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, an estimated 7 million children reside in a house wherein at least one parent is alcoholic.

Given the gravity of the dithering situation. It has become all the more imperative to pursue reliable tests that can discourage alcohol consumption. It creates a sense of concern amongst the citizens.

Not Every ETG Test Is True

ETG tests can flounder since ethanol can secrete in numerous ways. For instance, some grocery and medical store products with more than just the traces of ethanol can give a positive result in a drug test for ETG. Such products include vanilla extract, balsamic vinegar, OTC alcohol-based cold and flu medications, etc. So, you may get ambiguous results in certain situations. However, if you have more than enough reasons to be suspicious, the ETG test is a safe bet to make.

Prolonged Storage Does No Good

ETG Test to Detect Alcohol tends to lose its authenticity. Suppose the sample urine stored at room temperature for an unexpectedly long duration after collection. Over a passage of time, you can notice a reduction in the proportion of EtG in the urine.

So, while the sample urine may have tested positive initial if re-examined, you will be stunned with negative results. Owing to its core ingrained instability, medical professionals recommend it. That ETG test done immediately, or it refrigerated in case of long term storage. They are fast and provide results within a couple of minutes to take further calls on criminal investigation.

In the end …

ETG Test to Detect Alcohol, despite its shortcomings, is scientific admissible in several court cases. Read more about cut off levels for ETG to catch the right culprit. Since the situation worsens at a higher pace, you can always bank upon numerous other drug testing solutions to rein in control over drug and substance abuse. ETG can be tested with our drug testing cups, like 12 panels and 14 panel drug test cups, which come in a kit with ETG strips.

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