Did you know that positive drug tests are on the rise? Workers in the US tested positive for drugs at the highest rate since 2003 in 2019. Urine drug testing strips are more important than ever. 

Due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, experts believe these numbers will rise even more in 2020.

At Ovus Medical, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality urine drug testing cups, dips, swabs and strips. 

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We even offer drug tests in bulk to save you some money. Whatever drug test you need, Ovus Medical has it.

At Ovus customer service and providing premier drug testing kits are our first priorities.

We know the goals of rehab clinics and substance abuse doctors, so we make sure they have the right materials.

We operate out of South Florida and have first-hand witnessed the drug epidemic. That’s why we’re so passionate about providing the best drug testing products to as many people as possible. Our efforts center around creating a drug-free, healthier community.

Why Are Drug Testing Strips Important Today?

Put plainly, drug testing can save lives. 

Deaths connected to fentanyl overdoses have steadily been on the rise. Drug testing strips or kits are one way to combat these rising numbers.

Drug testing strips are one of the more popular forms of drug test. They are easy to use, easy to store, and easy to read results on. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways to provide life-saving tools to the public. 

For instance, in Pittsburgh, the number of fatal overdoses from fentanyl was at the highest percentage ever recorded this year. In response, the city’s mayor issued an order to allow for the use of fentanyl test strips to help combat the crisis.

Drug Testing Supplies

Drug testing supplies are critical tools in preventing opioid-related overdoses or deaths, but their usefulness goes beyond that as well.

They can help prevent work-related injuries, accidents, or deaths as well. Workplace drug tests can identify workers who need help or are endangering themselves or others by working impaired.

An airline pilot or truck driver who uses drugs on the job endangers themselves and others. The results of a workplace drug test may literally save dozens of lives.

For doctors, a drug test can help identify possible addictions, drug abuse, or medication misuse in patients. The knowledge of this means doctors can step in and create a treatment plan and save lives. 

Rehabilitation centers can also benefit from keeping and distributing drug test supplies on the premises. Testing residents on a regular basis can help keep them accountable and on the path towards living sober. 

Our Urine Drug Testing Strips

At Ovus we are dedicated to providing a wide variety of drug testing supplies that covers any kind of test you may need to provide. Whether that’s for the most common drugs, like marijuana, or for the less common, like kratom. 

If you are looking for tests for the most commonly used drugs, we have the supplies that you will need. 

We offer tests for commonly abused drugs such as heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, benzodiazepine, Ritalin, and methamphetamine. 

Our urine drug testing strips are safe and accurate. Our tests are 99% accurate, so you can trust the results.

They’re easy to use, because confusion or complicated instructions are the last thing you need for an accurate drug test. Our tests can easily be used in the privacy of a home or office.

Easy To Use

No matter what drug the testing strips are for, the instructions can easily be understood. There are only a few straightforward steps to be completed before you receive your results. 

First, the person taking the test will need to deposit a fresh urine sample in the given testing cup. Next, the person giving the test will dip the drug test strips into the cup of urine.

Your results should show up within five minutes of dipping the strip into the urine. When the colored bands start showing up on your test strip, that is the indicator that your results are ready to be read. 

The colored band can show up in several different ways. A colored band next to the ‘C’ indicates a positive result, a band next to ‘T’ indicates an invalid read, and a band next to both ‘C’ and ‘T’ indicates a negative result. 

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Consider Buying in Bulk

There are many reasons why you may want to consider buying your drug tests in bulk. 

For instance, with drug testing for doctors, you will need plenty of tests on hand for the many patients who may need to be tested. 

Buying in bulk is essential for keeping drug rehab residents accountable, clean, and sober.

You may own or manage a large business that requires total coherence for everyone’s safety.

Investing in bulk drug tests ensures that your employees will always be held accountable and that safety is your top priority.

Our bulk products are $1.49 per test cup. Same-day shipping is available, and we’ll always have the tests you need.

Our drug test strips detect one drug at a time, but our bulk products test for multiple drugs.

This makes drug testing easier because you only need to test once for multiple substances.

Six-, eight-, and ten-panel cups test for the number of drugs in their names. Higher panel numbers detect more drugs.

We offer a twelve panel cup test with options to detect adulterants, PCP, and fentanyl. Additionally, we also offer thirteen panel, fourteen panel, and sixteen panel drug tests for those who are looking to test for the widest variety of drugs. 

Our Other Drug Tests

While our urine tests are a popular choice with our customers, we also offer other kinds of urine tests and saliva tests.

For urine test strips, we also offer pregnancy tests, nicotine tests, and even ovulation tests. 

Saliva tests are sometimes preferred as it is much harder to provide a fake sample of saliva. There is a higher guarantee that your testees are providing their own genuine sample when it comes to a saliva test. 


Why an Oral Swab?

It is also more hygienic to some than a urine-based drug test. It is easier for someone to take, is less invasive than a urine test, and eliminates the need for a restroom or privacy. 

Our oral swab saliva tests are designed to test for ten drugs at once. Those drugs include amphetamine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, cocaine, oxycodone, buprenorphine, ecstasy, cannabinoid, barbiturates, and phencyclidine. 

This test can detect drug usage in a person’s system up to 24-72 hours after use. You get your results quickly after the test is taken, and our test results are easy to read. 

The testee should not have anything to eat or drink at least ten minutes prior to taking the test. The tester should take a moment to check in the testee’s mouth, along their cheeks, under their tongue, and along their gums. 

The oral swab should be held in the testee’s mouth for a few minutes until color on the saturation indicator strip appears in the indicator window of the swab. 

Remove the swab from the mouth and insert it into the screening device and wait for colored bands to appear. Results should be ready within ten minutes but should not be read after twenty minutes. 

Best of all, our oral swab tests are also available for bulk purchasing! You can save money on your supplies while providing less invasive drug tests to those who need it. 

Buy Your Drug Test Strips Today

Now is the time to invest in your business, practice, or employees by providing them with life-saving tools. Whether you’re looking for a small amount of drug test strips, urine test strips, or to buy drug tests in bulk, Ovus Medical is here to help. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page today for any additional questions or concerns you may have before buying urine drug testing strips today. 

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