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Clinics, rehabs, and hospitals use urine drug screening kits in monitoring their recommended treatment program for each of their patients. Athletic organizations, on the other hand, use these kits to identify drug use among their athletes.

Workplaces also use these kits in their workplace drug testing programs. Even homeowners use these tests to make sure their children aren’t using drugs.

However, skeptics believe that these urine drug screening kits are a total waste of time and money. They say that these tests are unworthy, inaccurate, and unreliable. Drug testing, for them, is an affront to an individual’s human rights.

But are they worthless? Read on and find out.


Urine Drug Screening Kits: Worthy or Not? 

In sports

Sports events, from swimming to basketball to track and field, require a tough mind and body. Athletes go through thousands of hours of painstaking training to help improve their craft and build resistance. Because of these, some athletes resort to taking drugs. Illegal substances help boost their performance and cope with painful injuries. 

Abused substances also help them deal with emotional and mental stress.

So this gives them an unfair advantage over their competitors. Because doped athletes have more developed muscles, energy, and stamina, some end up winning competitions.

This is why sports entities require all athletes to undergo random drug testing, typically with urine drug screening kits. They want to ensure fair competition for all.

The knowledge that they’ll be disgraced and ripped off their titles once the authorities find drugs in their system can deter athletes from using illegal substances.

In clinics and rehabs

Addiction has been described as a “medical disorder that affects the brain and changes behavior.”

Three drug abuse organizations define addiction as a long-term and recurring condition wherein a person compulsively seeks and uses drugs regardless of the consequences.

Clinics and rehabs understand that a relapse can happen to any of their wards. This is why they do random and periodic urine drug screening – to ensure that all their patients stay sober and sticking to their treatment programs. This way, they can reach their road recovery as safe and as effectively as possible.

In workplaces

Statistics show that 75% of adults with a substance use disorder are in the workforce. With this knowledge, more and more employers prefer to have a drug testing program in their workplace. This is to minimize accidents that might compromise the health and safety of all employees.

Some entrepreneurs require their employees and job applicants to undergo drug testing either on-site or in laboratories. These companies have different testing methods, from urine to hair drug screening.

In homes

The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics states that in 2020, 47% of young people had used an illegal drug by the time they graduated from high school.

5% of the current users are 8th graders; 20% are in tenth 10th grade, while 24% are 12th graders.

This is probably the reason why some parents and guardians do drug testing at home. They want to make sure that they’re children aren’t using drugs. Because no matter how much they teach and take care of their young ones, peer pressure, popular media, and a host of other factors might lure them into using illegal substances.


Urine drug screening kits are not worthless. They help promote health and safety in the workplace. In sports, these kits ensure fair competition. Clinics and rehabs use them to make sure their patients achieve their road to recovery. Parents and guardians use urine testing cups to make sure their children are healthy and drug-free.

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