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According to the National Safety Council, 75% of adults with a substance use disorder are in the workforce. These adults may, at one point or another, become a threat to themselves and their co-workers. They can also affect a company’s bottom line due to lessened productivity.

To ensure their workplaces maintain their productivity, health and safety, business owners have created drug testing policies and conduct regular and random drug testing. In turn, employees and applicants who use drugs search for ways on how to cheat a drug test.

What methods do they use? Read on to find out.


How to Cheat a Drug Test: 4 Methods

1. Dilution

When a urine sample has higher water content than average specimens, it is considered to be diluted. Dilution can be unintentional or intentional. Unintended dilution happens when a person is used to drinking plenty of water (as in the case of athletes) or when an individual is suffering from a medical condition that increases his need for drinking water (as in the case of diabetics).

But when a person flushes his system by drinking plenty of water than what he normally consumes or he intentionally adds water to his specimen, that is cheating.

Be aware that this method has ceased working years ago. Today, diluted urine can be detected by measuring the creatinine levels and other properties of the sample.Qualified laboratory technicians also consider the sample’s color, temperature, and specific gravity.


2. Substitution

Some people substitute their samples with urine taken from a non-drug-user or fake urine. Both methods can work. Naturally, pee taken from someone who doesn’t do drugs will turn out negative. Fake urine, on the other hand, has been tested and proven to pass a drug test.

However, this method fails with supervised drug testing, where the person to be tested will be accompanied by a qualified individual of the same gender. There, he or she will be observed following SAMSHA guidelines for direct observation and the rules of the US Department of Transportation.


3. Addition of chemicals

More popularly known as doping, this method for cheating a drug test is done by adding chemicals to the sample. These chemicals are not limited to the ones you can buy from head shops like herbs and tonics. Some people also use household items like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and salt.

Adding any chemical to a sample in the hopes of passing a drug test is a wrong assumption. As mentioned above, drug-testing laboratories can detect the presence of an unnatural substance in urine.


4. Detoxification

Prior to a scheduled drug test, some drug users resort to this method. For a few weeks or months, they do vigorous exercises, eat nutritious food, drink plenty of water and diuretics, and stay away from taking drugs.


The drug testing industry has developed sophisticated technologies and techniques that can’t be cheated by substitution, dilution, or the addition of chemicals. The only surefire way on how to cheat a drug test is detoxification and clean living for months.

To find out if your urine will pass a drug test, only use CLIA-waived, FDA-approved drug testing cups.



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