Manufacturing Drug Testing

Manufacturing has been a staple of significance for producing each the things we see and use today. However, it’s not without its costs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 4,609 fatal occupational accidents happened in 2011 with fabricating recorded among the riskiest industries. Workers in this industry are exposed to a range of risks including working with heavy/dangerous machines, exposure to dangerous chemicals, slips/falls, amongst others. With so many dangers in the manufacturing business, it’s not tough to see why employers decide to provide a safer work environment through effective alcohol and drug testing.

Regardless of which sort of manufacturing facility you operate, We will help. We carry popular drug testing products used by many manufacturing companies such as instant urine tests and instantaneous saliva test kits as well as drug screening kits for synthetic drugs.

Few, if any, businesses in the usa face more security challenges than firms involved in the production and building sectors. Each workday, employees in the manufacturing industry are tasked with managing often intricate and potentially dangerous machinery.
According to an official Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association national study, following the implementing of a drug testing program, one fifth (or 19 percent ) of companies saw an increase in employee productivity, a reduced absenteeism rate, a substantial drop in employee ‘s damages incident claims, and a worker turnover reduction.

This ‘s why pre-employment screening for manufacturing workers is a very important element in ensuring workplace safety and preventing costly accidents. Appropriate instruction, and recurring alcohol and drug testing, are also key elements in always ensuring that manufacturing workers don’t undermine themselves, or their co-workers.

Drug screenings can help companies limit risk by ensuring you hire the right, substance free person for the job.

Employment screening for production firms can be challenging for companies, particularly given the size and extent of U.S. manufacturing. Despite changes in the American economy during the past several decades, the American manufacturing industry still employs an estimated 17.5 million people, which makes it among the state ‘s primary economic engines.
It’s helped us through two world wars and has formed the technological landscape we see today. As one of the very necessary industries on the planet, most of us rely on it in one form or another.


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